About My Recipes

If you have come here looking for gourmet, fancy recipes, exotic ingredients, or a bunch of on the grill BBQ tales, you are in the wrong place!  I’m a single dad to two growing boys, and my biggest challenge is finding healthy, tasty recipes that they like and that I can prepare after a day at the office.  That is what this blog is about.  You don’t need to be a trained chef to make any of these recipes.  If you can boil water without burning yourself, you ought to be able to make anything I make.  Many of these recipes are also “kid friendly” in that a marginally dexterous kid assistant should be able to help you out in the cooking process.

This blog collects recipes I have actually made and enjoyed. During the period of Great Lent, many of the recipes will focus on meals that are Lent compliant according to the practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which means no dairy, no meat, no olive oil, and no fish other than shellfish. For Orthodox Christians, Lent poses a unique cooking challenge, particularly for families with growing children who need their nutrition. For the fast is a physical discipline, but one that represents spiritual renewal.

Do not say to me that I fasted for so many days, that I did not eat this or that, that I did not drink wine, that I endured want; but show me if thou from an angry man hast become gentle, if thou from a cruel man hast become benevolent. If thou art filled with anger, why oppress thy flesh? If hatred and avarice are within thee, of what benefit is it that thou drinkest water? Do not show forth a useless fast: for fasting alone does not ascend to heaven.
– St./ John Chrysostom

But fear not,  I will also be posting all sorts of recipes for beef, pork, chicken and the like! These recipes are rarely original from me. They are heavily borrowed from other sites, books, magazines and the like. However, it is extremely rare that I will “cut and paste” a recipe, as I almost always adjust parts of it. In the event that I post a recipe that I do not alter when I prepare it, I will note that and credit the author. If I post a modified recipe, I may or may not note its source. I certainly mean no disrespect by not crediting the location where I found a recipe that I have modified. Rather, I may simply not remember, or may not have the information readily available!  If you think I derived my recipe from your website, please send me a comment with the link and I will post it up, so others can enjoy the great recipes you have provided.

I welcome all comments and blog links you may have!


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